Building capacity & increasing community resilience

QPCO grew from the ground up in one of the most multi-cultural wards in Bedford.  While our work now extends across Bedford, we remain true to the belief that building capacity and self-sufficiency within our communities enriches our society and reduces barriers for many people.

There are many obstacles to people and communities engaging with services and wider area consultations. A key part of our work is to support individuals and communities at grassroots level to decide what they would like to see happening in their communities and be heard. Our aim is to develop active participants and community leaders to engage with each other and the wider services in Bedford. To support communities to self-organise joint events, as well as support each other’s activities.

Thank you the co-operative for being one of your project’s for the year 2023. The money raised through this initiative will support our capacity building work for 2024. 

Ongoing capacity building projects

Previous capacity building projects