Green Project

Our Green Project seeks to empower communities and individuals to develop a green ethos and  become a more sustainable society. We do this by creating opportunities for people to get involved in planting trees as well as planting and maintaining community herbs gardens, vegetable plots, and the Queen’s Park Community Orchard.

Queen’s Park Academy Eco-Warriors & Gardening club

We worked in partnership with Queen’s Park Academy who  asked us if we could help to transform their garden. The volunteer eco-warriors and student gardening club meet every Tuesday at 3.30pm. During Green week, we ask parents and the Queen’s Park allotment group which operates next to the school to join us. Together, we have cleared the garden, planted peas, broad beans and many different types of herbs donated by Infarm. We planted 2 apple trees native to Bedford in February 2023.

Planting Vegetables and herbs in Women’s Refuges

We have been working with 2  Stonewater women’s shelters in Bedford under our domestic abuse project. The shelters both wanted to improve their garden areas and following discussion with the residents we helped to plant vegetables and herbs which can now be used to cook with and help cut the cost of living down.

Engaging communities to work with Priory Primary and BPHA residents

We have worked with Castle Wards Cllrs and  BPHA housing association to establish a scheme where Priory Primary school children and parents (often BPHA residents) can plant herb gardens on BPHA land opposite the school in the town center. BPHA and residents are welcome to use the garden. In consultation with residents we have developed a list of plants that we are planning to plant in Spring 2023.

Tour of the orchard with ESOL classes from Kings Arm project

The Kings Arm project runs ESOL classes in Queen’s Park. They wanted local residents to find out more about their local area. They came and visited the orchard. Our orchard is unique as all the trees are native to Bedford. All our trees are bought from Apples & Orchards Project | Local heritage fruit varieties in the East of England ( – part of the tour includes discussion on the importance to the local ecosystem of protecting and promulgating native trees. It’s also an opportunity for residents to become familiar with local accessible community spaces and practice their english.

Painting of Posts of the Farm at Kings Oak primary

King’s Oak Primary is another school that we are working with across different projects. We are currently helping them to get volunteers to paint the posts of the farm which is a key resource in education the Children and parents about nature.