Donate – Winter Appeal 2023-2024

As a charity, we have decided to fundraise to help people with the cost-of-living crisis. We often cater for people who cannot be catered by other charities due to their circumstances:

· No recourse to public fund

· Language barriers (Limited amount of English)

· Not understanding where to go to get some help or that help is out there.


Last year, we helped over 80 victims of domestic abuse, 20 families with a direct payment for gas and electric, and 10 families with a sizeable donation, 17 foodbank vouchers, 4 supermarket vouchers provided by Pifgift and 5 of our clients were able to access St Pauls church funding for essentials items.

We provided 50 one-to-one sessions with an interpreter helping our clients and other local charities with their clients.

We now need your support once again.

Please donate and share widely with your contacts, friends, and family!