Grants & Food Parcels

During the pandemic, we ran a food parcel delivery service for  vulnerable individuals/families in the community. In particular we catered for different cultural dietary requirements – something bigger council led schemes didn’t do. This work has been significantly scaled down, but in certain circumstances, we still offer this service.

We are registered to give out foodbank vouchers and deliver them if required. The latter is an important addition because many families don’t have a car or the funds to pay for a taxi to collect shopping.

We are also able to give out food and clothing vouchers from major supermarket from the Pay it forward scheme.

We can also refer you for a ZeroPA grant. ZeroPA offers up-to £50 as a one-off grant for food, utilities, clothing and other emergency expenses.

For all the above, you will need to contact us and go through a financial assessment or being referred by one of our partners. For more information contact us or call us 07824035000.