Bedford Repair Café 2022-2023

We are pleased to see our first project from this program moving on. It has been a wonderful partnership working and we are exciting to see what they will do next!

‘With the expertise and contacts of QPCO we were able to introduce our project to a wider community in Bedford. QPCO helped us with strategising for our future, as well as practical support at events including stewards and a photographer. Thank you QPCO!’ from Bedford Repair Cafe

The project idea:

The Bedford Repair Café is a pop-up community Repair Café. The group is run by volunteers who want to teach others how to fix items and thereby reduce waste.

QPCO is taking the Repair Café across Bedford to reach a more diverse and wider audience. 

Watch the video to know more about it.

Bedford Repair Café

On the 28th January 2023 we helped the group to have their first Repair Café in Queen’s Park. We worked closely with Queen’s Park Academy who were delighted to host the group. To promote the event we used our interpreting service – recording videos in 5 different languages (Bengali, Polish, Romanian, Urdu, Bulgarian). The school released the link to the event in advance to families with students at the school and the information was shared by local places of worship enabling us to give priority to local residents.

95% of people said it was their first time attending such an event.

20 May 2023-Bedford Academy-

We helped the Bedford repair café to organise their next event in another area of Bedford. It was the first time that Bedford Academy held an event of this type. Again, with our strategies, we tried to target local people of the area of Kingsbrook and Caudwell to attend the amazing project.