Kenyan Community

The group represents 175 families in Bedford and surrounding. Their aims are to:

  • promote the welfare of members;
  • foster and encourage the spirit of oneness and companionship among members and between the club and other friendly associations;
  • act as a forum for discussing matters affecting the progress and well-being of members and their immediate families.To organize such activities as may be deemed necessary for the attainment of any of the objectives contained herein;
  • provide for and engage in acts of philanthropy in favour of the needy members of the society at large;
  • provide financial assistance to members on occasions accepted by members as provided in the Constitution
  • The Kenyan Community Group has grown to the point where it is reviewing the status of the organisation. QPCO is currently supporting the group to work with Community Voluntary Service (CVS) to become a registered charity. We also provide a safe space for the group to run activities for young people.

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Join us for Kenyan BBQ on 29 June 2024!