Back to Our Roots – Deaf and Hard of Hearing community! #B2OR 🫶

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BSL Festival-12th May 2024

We wanted to create a safe space where people came together and learnt more about BSL and the community. There was a mixture of people from the D/Hard Hearing community and people interested in engaging in making Bedford a more inclusive town!

BSL Intro Workshops (April-May 2024)

Running on Mondays at the Eagle Bookshop and Tuesdays at the Nomad Cafe. The course is fully booked. More similar courses to be soon advertised.

In our second project of #B2OR, we are working with Access Bedford which is the charity working to make Bedford a better place to live, work and thrive for our Deaf and Hard of Hearing community

Access Bedford provides support for families and young people, runs BSL courses and Deaf Awareness training, delivers accessible Fitness classes, hosts deaf coffee mornings and much more for the community.

We are looking to help Access Bedford increase awareness of this under-represented group and create a better understanding of their community in Bedford. Our aims are to:

  • Work with Deaf and Hard of Hearing young people in school;
  • Provide free BSL workshops in schools;
  • Provide free BSL workshops for stall owners/ businesses;
  • Increase footfall of Deaf and Hard of Hearing community in shops in Bedford; and
  • Organise a public event lead by the community.

Access Bedford Team