Back to Our Roots – Campaign

Thank you to everyone who voted for us! We did not win the competition but had great fun in campaigning and met some new friends. Even though, we were not part of the winners, we were given a small amount of money and we are working with 3 groups to organise their workshops and events! Watch out the page for more information!

QPCO was competing in ITV’s People’s Projects for money to support a wonderful new community heritage project in Bedford. We are the only organisation in Bedford competing for this prize.

Voting was from 15 May to 26 May!

What will the project do?

· Reduce isolation and loneliness.

· Bring different groups of people together to learn from each other.

· Give a sense of worth to underrepresented students.

· Amplify the voice of local Bedford communities.

· Create a platform for communities to share their skills and heritage.

· Help schools to enrich their curriculum and promote community cohesion.

· Helping schools to get students learning about and sharing their roots.

· Break down stereotypes and myths. Build a better understanding of shared history.