Bedfordshire Police 4

I thought I would email to say a massive thank you for all of your support over this last year. Your support has been invaluable to the police and also the VEO team and we are very lucky to have you especially in our moments where we are desperately trying to secure emergency accommodation or just help with travel costs for a fleeing victim. I do not know what we would have done without your support and guidance. One particular case stands out for me where you supported me with a Zimbabwean victim who was trying to flee her abusive relationship from her husband. She had visa issues and also very reliant upon her husband, but with our joint up approach the victim was in good hands and you happened to know of a Zimbabwean community who you put the victim in touch with, where she was offered help and support, was offered 121 support and was able to stay with another Zimbabwean female, you also managed to get her free legal advice around her visa.

This is just one of many examples where you have exceeded our expectations, so thank you again for all your hard work and support 😊.