Bedfordshire Police 3

I have used QPCO on several occasions and have been overwhelmed by the speed in which they have been able to arrange accommodation for vulnerable victims of rape / serious sexual offences. One of my victims had a chaotic lifestyle and was living in an unsafe and toxic situation and was then raped and sexually exploited. The second victim was in an abusive marriage and her husband had repeatedly raped / sexually abused her. After exploring various avenues for help with temporary housing (for the second victim I had been chasing Harrow housing for four days), I contacted QPCO very late in the day for both victims, and within ten minutes they had arranged hotel accommodation with breakfast. This allowed us the time to find a more appropriate and long term solution for both victims, getting them to a place of safety and ensuring relevant agencies were able to support both ladies. QPCO most certainly go the extra mile to support vulnerable people, offering both practical and emotional support, including food banks, interpreting, signposting etc. This is probably the most supportive voluntary agency I have worked with in a long time and their passion for vulnerable people is remarkable to see – we need more agencies like this to support the work we do because statutory services are stretched and cannot offer immediate support in many instances. Marie-Ange will make herself available at all hours – including late at night – to ensure a victim has food, clothing, toiletries etc. Every member of the QPCO family is kind, empathic and generous in both their time and energy – all a huge asset to Bedford.