Romanian Community

Due to reasons beyond our control, the group will not be running until further notice. We hope to be re-opening soon.

We are trying to set up a safe space for All the Romanian in this area. It is run and set up by Romanian. It is a place where you can come for a drink, a cake, and a chat! Children welcome. The group run every Saturdays (term time) from 10 to 12pm at the Faraday Community Centre, Kelvin Avenue, MK42 9ND

Food ETC is delivering a six week food workshop program-Sept – Oct 2023

We are delighted to join forces with the amazing charity called Foodetc. delivering a six weeks course. The program is about cooking food that you might order from a take away place but instead learn to do it at home. Parents and children learn to cook together!

A Community Portrait: Innovation & Heritage -July 2023

Through “Community Portrait” this project will provide the opportunity for local communities/residents to understand the heritage of photography and the links with Fujifilm who have be present in Bedford and a key employer over the last 40 years. Chiara Mac Call is the professional delivering the workshop on behalf of Bedford Creative Arts.

Exciting news-June 2023

New toys have arrived at the Faraday centre, thank you to Emma and her mum! You are about to start a ‘portrait community project’ on Saturday 1st July, if you live in the area of Kingsbrook and Caudwell, get in touch if you are interested! Another big thank you to the co-operative for the Aprons as they will be very useful when we start the cookery course in September 2023!