Khush Haal Women’s Group-Back on Tuesday 31st October 2023-

Khush Haal women’s group is a safe, accessible and non-judgmental space for women in Queen’s Park and neighboring areas to meet, talk and do activities together.  The group recognises that many women carry multiple caring responsibilities in their families and communities and don’t always have a place and source of support for themselves. The group aims to address social exclusion and isolation, especially among women for whom English may not be their first language.  Under the banner ‘live well’ the group acts as a portal to learning, wellbeing and accessing further help via QPCO intervention officers and other local sources of support.

The group meets every Tuesday at Queen’s Park community centre between 10.30 to 12pm. Different activities take place including group outings, art and crafts activities, cooking and sewing. Sessions often include professional speakers on topics such as health, wellbeing and education. The group is run by volunteers. Khush Hall has received ‘warm spaces’ funding from Bedford Borough Council for winter 2023/24.

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