Back to Our Roots – Romania National Day!

Back to Our Roots Campaign

As part of our capacity budling project, we have been working with a number of families from the Romanian community in Bedford since the beginning of 2023. They are very keen to celebrate their National day. To create this event, we have brought together Romanian businesses, different Romanian Faiths communities’, Romanian community leaders and local residents. Read the article to find out more!

We also are working with Bedford academy students on the following theme: what does it mean to be Romanian in Bedford in 2023. Via a series of workshops, students will be given the opportunity express themselves. This will be part of the exhibition at the Harpur suite, 3 Harpur St, Bedford MK40 1LE.

The food stalls will start around midday at the Harpur square to give people plenty of time to sample the different types of food. From 4 pm, people can start having a look at the exhibition inside the Hapur suite. From 6pm Raising of the flag, followed by the traditional dance ‘Hora Unirii’. From 6.45pm Dance, music and exhibition inside the harpur suite. Click below to read the article!

Bedford Romanians celebrate national day in town centre